About AFT Trauma Coverage

About Trauma Coverage


Our story began when a church in our home town was traumatized by an armed gunman. Like most communities, ours came together to help those traumatized and experiencing hardship. Politicians and business leaders held the community in their thoughts and prayers, but soon thereafter it became clear we were on our own. Social safety-nets, referral networks, and traditional insurance failed to provide meaningful trauma recovery, leaving families vulnerable to depression, addiction, and financial hardship.

We started by creating the nation's first workplace violence and infectious disease benefit. It has now evolved into Trauma Coverage® which helps individuals and families receive comprehensive trauma recovery through affordable insurance underwritten by one of the oldest and best known insurance companies, Lloyd’s of London.

We collect information from a wide range of resources regarding traumatic incidents which allows us to serve as the leading resource for research, position statements, statutes, training curricula, prevention initiatives, and program information. With these resources, we assist coalitions, advocates, and others interested in understanding and eliminating traumatic incidents.

We have an active and diverse Advisory Council that assists and advises staff and ensures a broad national perspective. We also enjoy strong partnerships with trade unions, anti-assault coalitions and allied organizations.

Let us help you. Cover yourself and your family for the unexpected, and expected so that recovery can be that much easier.