Real Stories

Trauma Coverage was here for these individuals when they truly needed it. The financial benefits and care recovery they received helped them get through their difficult time with peace of mind.

Mary S.

"I was assaulted while out with friends. I went to the hospital and was treated for injuries and tested for diseases. I needed time to deal with was all just too much."

Trauma coverage provided Mary with 100% of her normal pay on top of what she receives with her disability insurance. She was reimbursed for the out of pocket medical costs, provided Mary with trauma counseling and paid the lost wages to her mother for supportive services.

Ben M.

"I contracted an infectious disease at work. It got so bad that they had to amputate part of my nose and left ear. My workers comp paid for my reconstructive surgery, but didn’t let me choose my doctors or pay for elective cosmetic surgery to help with the scarring."

Ben couldn’t afford the out of pocket costs to see another doctor or for cosmetic surgery, when he was receiving reduced pay from workers compensation and his wife, was on unpaid leave to help take care of him. Trauma coverage provided Ben 100% of his normal pay and reimbursement for the out of pocket medical costs allowing him to choose his doctor and receive cosmetic surgery. It also provided lost wages to Ana for supportive services.

Jim T.

"I was injured injured during a mass shooting at a community festival. I started physical therapy and even talked with counselors in my Employee Assistance Program but became addicted to my pills for pain and anxiety... it was awful."

Jim needed comprehensive trauma recovery care. The reduced pay he received while on disability leave was not enough to cover the costs of confidential addiction treatment. With Trauma Coverage, he received 100% of his normal pay, and reimbursement for the out of pocket costs for comprehensive trauma recovery care including confidential addiction treatment and specialized trauma counseling.

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